Thank You

More than two words

Every business needs to say thank you to its customers for the simple reason of doing business. From the day-to-day business of a Starbucks, to the intricate business of an IBM. Yet for many businesses….”thank you” is rather perfunctory.

Kroger says thank you quite often. Almost every week a Kroger mailing arrives with a special offer and/or coupons for products we buy. Of course, the offerings are designed to increase sales.

In our business, we did not have the luxury of an extensive data base….much less a computer. Our computer….if it could be called that, was an NCR paper tape and of course, the 3×5 index card (software of the 70’s).

Our thank you was providing the customer with some form of a furniture care product and occasionally, special mailings to previous customers. Overall our Thank You was OK….yet we could have developed a stronger and larger customer data base with just a little more effort….and subsequently more ways to say thank you.



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