News Roundup

August 2015

Voice of America

+ Where are they now from August 2010:

+ The books were invaluable, but I’ve made my living looking forward, not backward – Tom Peters

+ Leadership neither easy nor instinctive–worthy of a lifetime of studenthood. Leadership is a “helping” profession. – Tom Peters

+ Instead of running around with your product looking for customers, perhaps you could figure out who the customers are and build a product for them instead. – Seth Godin

+ Coffee giant Starbucks has launched a branded smartphone touch case, which will automatically order and pay for the user’s favorite coffee.

+ Geese problem solver:

+ Rule #1: Always give others the credit. Rule #2: See rule #1. – Tome Peters

+ Best work: It compounds over time. Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting we understand you. – Seth Godin

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