Ad Basics

Sleepy’s Assumes!


Sleepy’s is one of the largest specialty bedding retailers. It advertises extensively, especially with newspaper inserts like the one in the photo.

This particular insert is full-page with a 1/2 page color foldover….a pricey ad.

The problem….as I see it….is that Sleepy’s assumes that a potential customer will attempt to find a Sleepy’s location. There are no locations indicated in the advertisement (of course these inserts are run in other newspapers so Sleepy’s doesn’t list any of its locations).

Advertising 101: display prominently hours of operation and location….make it easy for the customer to make a purchase.

Advertising 101 – part 2: minimize qualifiers. In large type: Free Delivery on Everything…..the qualifier in smaller type “above $599”. The object of retailing is to sell a company’s products not to make restrictions even before the customer walks through the front door.

Advertising basics don’t change.