Salt box ups

The culture of a business/organization really defines that business.

“Give me culture of caring/commitment to personal growth/constant experimentation/customer centrism and I care not what your “model” is.” -Tom Peters

Now there are numerous UPS stores in our area….some last some don’t. Their function is to process packages for shipping primarily for UPS, but also for the Post Office.

What sets the Salt Box Village UPS apart is that Charlie has created a “friendly/engaging” culture that makes it a pleasure to take my packages to this store rather than the Post Office. Certainly shipping a package, overnight letter or coping documents is rather mundane….yet by creating a friendly culture….this UPS store makes those tasks easy to do.

After all….isn’t that purpose of this UPS business.

Charlie’s outgoing personality has defined the culture of UPS store #6430. The end result from a 9.30.15 customer review

“I ship items regularly to out of town friends and family as well as buyers for my small business.  I ALWAYS receive EXCELLENT service at this UPS Store.  Even though there are 2 UPS drop offs closer to me, I’d prefer to drive a few more minutes and get treated like a valued customer – like the way I try to treat my own customers.  THANK YOU for being excellent at what you do!”


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