Tires – Part 2

Thank you


My new tires have been installed and the rear wheels aligned (10.07.15 post). I decided to buy from Atlantic Tire because it seemed the more professional of the three dealers. Also, they were best rated by a  local magazine survey and for the most part had good reviews.

In todays mail….a nice surprise….a handwritten Thank You note.

“We will rotate your tires free of charge every six months or 6,000 miles…..We are grateful for your business.”

A handwritten Thank You note may be “old school”….yet it achieves an important purpose….customer loyalty.

I gave Atlantic Tire a 4 star review….two small glitches kept it from a 5 star-first time rating. In 6 months when the tires are rotated….we’ll take another look at Atlantic Tire.

Note: The Thank You note would have been a valuable asset to our business….we could have done better in that regard.


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