What do they mean?


Do businesses really pay attention to reviews of their products/services? The internet has dramatically changed on how customers interact with businesses.

In general….I look at the most recent reviews to get a picture of the business. The challenge is to filter out those that seem to be too good or those that are completely critical.

Looking back….how would I review our business….and more important how would we respond to a less than stellar review?

Of course, I believe we would have gotten good reviews or people would have never bought from us. The real test is what would we have done with a poor review. I would hope that we would have immediately corrected the problem, if it meant replacing the product or taking it back….even if it was completely suitable. Every sale counted, after all a lot of effort was put into the sales process. Even if we had to refund the sale….it would have been the right thing to do….never leave a customer unsatisfied if at all possible.

Of all the lessons learned: taking immediate action was the best thing we did.

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