News Roundup

October 2015

Vintage paperboy

+ Where they now from Oct. 2010 –

  • PetAirways – Out of service
  • Return of the Milkman – On-going home delivery
  • – More than diapers
  • MaxBats – Rock Maple, Yellow Birch, Northern & White Ash bats and accessories.

+ Best listener … best sales person.

+ Just for a week (this week?), routinely substitute phone for email. See what happens. – Tom Peters

+ Creating an organization’s culture is a clear business strategy

+ SAS – World’s 2nd best place to work:

+ And that’s the secret to thriving on the edges: Build something that people will look for, something that people will talk about, something we would miss if it were gone. – Seth Godin

+ New Tire Update (10.07.15 post). Tires installed, however distributor shipped 3 correct and 1 incorrect. Retuned to dealer on 10.19.15 to have correct tire installed.

+ Average stuff for average people is getting ever more difficult to sell. If that’s all you’ve got, get something else. – Seth Godin


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