Over the years, I have tried to acquire a list of reputable service providers…..HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance Repair. Some I have used for a few years and then had to change, due to poor performance, and/or reviews.

The front outdoor water faucet has a slight leak. Normally this would be an easy DIY project. however, the faucet is the orignal (1979) and also is not updated with a pressure relief valve. Though it may just need a new washer….there would certainly be some corrosion of parts. So a call to a plumber….replace with a complete new assembly. This should not be a large project (perhaps $150?).

The quandary:

  • Preferred provider has a few poor reviews, one of major concern.
  • Next on list, not available for two weeks….out of town. Not available?: especially after sending a direct mail marketing promotion the previous day.
  • Third choice: unable to give estimates over phone (somewhat understandable, though replacing a faucet is not that complicated). However, will schedule a technician  “and advise you it will be a $29 dispatch fee.”

No $29 dispatch fee! Will check on Angie’s List to evaluate next on preferred providers list. Unfortunately, can’t call on Harry (plumber in MI) to just come over and fix it.


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