I received a gift of Aunt Ruby’s chocolate peanut clusters.

However a major problem….I can’t open the can! Whomever designed this packaging made sure it could not be easily opened. As can be seen from the photo I tried with a paint can opener….but could not budge the top….and significantly denting the top.

The top seems to be a paint can type pressed on the can body….yet with a very low profile so it’s almost impossible to pry the lid off.

Another peanut retailer uses a similar type of package with an easily pulled off foil top and a reuseable plastic lid.

Aunt Ruby’s needs to review its packaging. Why stymie the customer whan they just want to enjoy the product?

NOTE: Finally….a solution. just to the outside of the dents on the lid is a very small lip….where the tip of a opener can be inserted and the entire lid popped off. There is an inner aluminium seal that must be cut to access the product. These chocolate peanut clusters better be good!


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