Business School -2015

Ross School of Business – U of M

LON HORWEDEL,THE ANN ARBOR NEWS Exterior view of the new University of Michigan Ross School of Business, seen from the corner of Hill and Tappan on UM's Central Campus, Wednesday afternoon, January 21st.

The school of business is vastly different from my time spent there in the 1960s, Today there are 3400 students in the school….perhaps 500 when I attended. The business school has significantly expanded due in part to contributions from Stephen Ross (a 1962 classmate….though I probably did not know him at that time).

The U of M School of Business is always ranked high….I was fortunate to be a graduate.

I would not recognize the facility today….it has almost no resemblance to the building of 1962. What I do recognize is something that has not changed. The law library in the next block over from the business school and where I spent most of my study time.

Law School UofM

While it  is important to expand and have modern facilties….somethings need to stay the same.

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