News Roundup

December 2015

Vintage News

+ From December 2010 – Where are they now:

+ 1. Strive for excellence; 2. Service to customers & 3. Respect for individual – Sam Walton

+ Best leadership book I know of: Drucker’s classic, The Practice of Management Tom Peters

+ Marketing is the empathetic act of telling a story that works. – Seth Godin

+ MBWA was the most important message Bob Waterman and I attempted to pass along in In Search of Excellence. – MBWA = In touch with people, product, customers, vendors, community. A “profit maximizing” strategy! – Tom Peters

+ Marketing” for “Brand You” is developing a peerless reputation for being a great teammate and helping others. – Tom Peters

+ Innovative in-office paper recycling:

+ If you want people to believe your promises tomorrow, it helps if you kept them yesterday. – Seth Godin

+ Engineering!:

+ “A man without a smiling face should not open a shop.”–Chinese proverb. Make that your lodestar for 2016 – Tom Peters


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