Big Picture

SAS – 40 Years


Since its founding, SAS has had 40 years of revenue increases. It recently announced its latest yearly revenue of $3.16B.

SAS is a well respected global company with its main campus in Cary.

On another web site….that offers insider opinions of companies….there were some mildly critical comments regarding SAS management/leadership/organization. They may be valid or they may not be.

Sometimes folks working at different levels within an organization may not have a “big picture” of the company….so they see it from a narrow perspective. Perhaps management hasn’t communicated the overallbig picture” or maybe some people are not wired for seeing a broader perspective.

SAS has done well….40 years of growth proves that….continuing to expand is the sign of a strong company. As companies grow….it’s important to communicate the big picture….most will get it….a few won’t.