Company Culture




Nokia at one time was the Number 1 manufacturer of cell phones. The iPhone came along and changed that. The article from INSEAD, a top international business school, relates that it wasn’t so much the technology that Nokia is no longer a major ceil phone manufacture….it was the culture (soft) of the leadership/management that lead to Nokia’s decline.

“The fear that froze the company came from two places.

First, the company’s top managers had a terrifying reputation, which was widely shared by middle managers—individuals who typically had titles of Vice President or Director in Nokia.

Secondly, top managers were afraid of the external environment and not meeting their quarterly targets, given Nokia’s high task and performance focus, which also impacted how they treated middle managers.”

The culture within any business has a great affect on the success of that organization.

“Soft is hard, hard is soft” – Tom Peters….is certainly applicable in the demise of Nokia’s cell phone products.