What went wrong?


Project disaster in South Carolina. It started off fine….with a lot of preparation and fine tuning. Once on site, within the first two hours, the whole project was in damage control.

We were doing business and organizational consulting and had come across this prominent organization in SC. We submitted a proposal….defined the needs and expectations of the group and sent in the final project plan and fee.  Everything was approved by the executive director and we were ready to go.

Here’s where the plan went awry….the CEO was not on board for whatever reason, perhaps not liking the project….maybe not liking us….who knows. We toughed it out for the next day….despite his refusal to participate with the rest of his team. The other team members were  dismayed by his attitude and did their best to be good participants.

We eventually packed our bags and headed back to NC….spending the time discussing “what went wrong”.

The Lesson Learned: make sure senior team members are on the same page….if not don’t try to make the project work.

The executive officer did honor his word and promptly forwarded a check the following week.


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