Mobile Phone

Mobile hone

Mobile (cell) phones have significantly evolved….at least size-wise….and feature wise.

The early phones were just phones….large and bulky. The latest are lightweight and mini computers….with crystal clear screens….and internet access. Though from the graphic they appear to reverting back to their original size!

From a business/organizational aspect….business can change dramatically in a 25 year period. Of course some don’t and that also counts towards their longevity.

Regardless, the key point is be ready for change and adapt to change as the market evolves….which it evidently will. 

Better / Different?



From Mlive:


Freddy’s is a frozen custard burger chain started in Wichita, Kansas . Freddy’s is entering the Western Michigan market. Reviewers write that Freddy’s is quite similar to Culver’s….a well-known brand in the Midwest.

Is Freddy’s really that much different or just similar to most other burger chains? How does one custard/burger business differentiate itself from the other?

In the case of Freddy’s (online reviews)….cleanliness and friendliness seem to be a major difference.

And come to find out….there is a Freddy’s in Cary (average reviews)….yet that may be that the folks here are surrounded by more numerous choices and perhaps more critical.


Big Picture

SAS – 40 Years


Since its founding, SAS has had 40 years of revenue increases. It recently announced its latest yearly revenue of $3.16B.


SAS is a well respected global company with its main campus in Cary.

On another web site….that offers insider opinions of companies….there were some mildly critical comments regarding SAS management/leadership/organization. They may be valid or they may not be.

Sometimes folks working at different levels within an organization may not have a “big picture” of the company….so they see it from a narrow perspective. Perhaps management hasn’t communicated the overallbig picture” or maybe some people are not wired for seeing a broader perspective.

SAS has done well….40 years of growth proves that….continuing to expand is the sign of a strong company. As companies grow….it’s important to communicate the big picture….most will get it….a few won’t.

News Roundup

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+ For 1st time 25 yrs read my 07/21/80 Bizweek article “Putting Excellence into Mgt: The 8 Basics.” Wouldn’t change a word today. -Tom Peters

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