Jos a bank

Jos. A. Bank is a well-known mens clothing brand. The company was purchased by Men’s Warehouse (or now Tailored Brands/TB).

It has been announced that TB has written off the value of the Jos. A Bank brand….almost $1.8B or the amount TB spent in acquiring Jos. A. Bank.

Brands are vital to the success of a business….mis-managing a well-known brand is a $B mistake.


One thought on “Brand

  1. I am livid. The new company Taylored Brands (Men’s Wearhouse bought Joseph A. Banks and renamed the merged company) has done a terrible job at keeping the brand of Joseph A. Banks. I wonder if their rivalry got in the way of sound business minds and they let the brand go in a way. The old JOSB stock would have been much better left alone. Shareholders who sold went away ok, those who stayed aren’t too happy.

    I’m reminded often how their aggressive pricing would be interesting to see in a woman’s clothier: buy one get seven free. Never been tried before.

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