Call Volume

Questionable Management

Call Volume

Seth Godin wrote (4.5.16):

“When did companies start talking about, “unexpectedly high call volume?”Are they really so inept at planning that the call volume is unexpected? For months at a time?

“Once an institution starts glibly lying, it’s a slippery slope. A reality distortion field moves from on-hold time to diesel emissions.”

I suspect that companies really don’t have “unexpectedly high call volume”. It’s that they don’t staff the call center to handle even a normal volume of calls. I also suspect that there are numerous algorithms that these companies use to determine drop/churn rates etc. to justify not responding to their calls.

It’s not a good way to do business. We did not have the luxury of a sophisticated phone system. Every time the phone rang….it was answered. And 99% of the time….the customer received a response immediately or shortly thereafter.

Do not mislead the customer….that’s just good business!

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