Memorial Day



While going through family memorabilia, I came across Tom Barton’s (father-in-law) Pilot Log Book from WW ll. Some entries/442 Fighter Squadron:

  • 2/18/44: Escort B-24s – 20,000 ft
  • 2/21/44: Aerial Gunnery
  • 3/44: Transfer to Atcham, England *
  • 4/25: Altitude combat formation
  • 5/1/44 Transfer to Ringwood, England **

P-47 in flightIn a little over a month after the Normandy invasion…2nd Lt. Thomas F. Barton would be flying combat missions over France.


* RAF Atcham

** RAF Ibsley

End of an Era

Pascoe’s Place

Pascoes -MKG

Some business survive for decades….especially when they were known for Lake Michigan perch.

From mlive:

There was a lot of history in places like Pascoe’s….especially since it was in the center of the vaudeville colony (Buster Keaton, the most famous) that came to Muskegon in the summer.

While a local institution, it was also a thriving business….it provided a desirable and good product (Lake Michigan perch….a Midwest delicacy) and a friendly environment.

Pascoe’s was an unique business and that is what makes any business successful.


Poor Execution

Merchadising -Shelves

Merchandising: “the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.”

In any retail business….execution of merchandising is a vital performance criteria. It seems like execution is missing at least in recent visits to Target and Harris-Teeter. Target supposedly a better discount retailer and Harris – Teeter an above average grocer.

At Target….many of the displays were in disarray….often products were missing from their locations….store associates were few and certainly not maintaining the various departments. I would suspect, at least in this area….pay and suitable people may be the issue.

At Harris-Teeter, a promotion product was not on the shelf. The answer….the warehouse was out of stock. The real question: why run a promotion when stock is not available?

In both instances (Target & Harris-Teeter)….it is simply poor execution. Does leadership/management see the business from a customers perspective….or do they really care?  

Compelling Copy



Good copy makes good advertising….it draws perspective buyers in….to help them make the buying decision.

Every week in our business….a new ad was created. Fortunately our newspaper rep was an old school copy writer….so good copy and illustrations were incorporated into our ads.

Will customers read ad copy….yes if there is a compelling reason. From the illustrative ad above:

  • Strong and appealing Illustration
  • Attention getting headline – “How Do You Spell Pearl Necklace – FREE”
  • Compelling copy: stunning, romantic….magnificent cache….enormous cache….too good to pass up….too good to last long 

Of course there is more to the selling process….yet the first step is always get the customer’s attention.

Quality + Profits

Become the Best

KJ Wine

“These are really fabulous wines, and this Jackson family is committed to do whatever it takes to continue to up quality” – Steve Heimoff.

Any business that is committed to quality is going to be a successful business. Certainly profitability is important….from Kendall-Jackson’s perspective….ultimate profitability goes hand in hand with quality.

Computer Problem


W7 Login

Most of us like to turn our computers on and then trust they do what they are supposed to do….we don’t like computer problems.

A week ago I saw this message on my screen. After searching for a solution….it seemed the fix was to change some settings in the registry….a place most of us don’t want to visit.

I checked at two local computer stores (both reputable)….yes it can be fixed ($25 at one, $60 at the other). Doing another search on the “login” problem….I found that simply reverting to a restore point is a possible solution. I did the restore and problem solved.

A lingering business question: perhaps both experts could have suggested the “restore” option and if that didn’t work bring it in.


Sometimes Difficult


Being consistent is a major task of  most businesses/organizations. That means providing superior products/services every day.

Better managed businesses can provide that….others cannot.

I wonder whether owners/managers pay attention to how their brand is consistent….it seems for many that they see the business from the inside out rather than from the outside in.


Charlie C’s


From the N&O:

Walmart has closed all of its Express stores including several in smaller communities in North Carolina. Most of the local businesses were able to compete with Walmart.

“Wilson said his customers remain loyal because Carlie C’s provides personalized service, and quality products, from their secret-recipe fried chicken to the meats that are all cut in the store to the layer cakes made in the bakery.”

Even Walmart could not get something right….competition makes a business better. Businesses like Charlie C’s will be successful because of excellent service and products and because they are better and different….even against competition like Walmart.

Systems Thinking

A Good Concept

Systems Thinking 2

Several years ago I heard Peter Senge discuss his concepts on Systems Thinking. I was interested because of my past experience in missile systems. 

“Systems thinking is the process of understanding how those things which may be regarded as systems influence one another within a complete entity, or larger system.”

In any business/organization….there are numerous components of the enterprise that need to come together to make the business successful. In our business (system) the buying….selling….delivery and the staff all had to come together to create a successful system.

Systems Thinker has now opened its library to access hundreds of articles, case studies and guides to develop fully the concept of Systems Thinking.

Systems Thinking is a good concept and should be a valuable tool to any business/organization.

Boxed Water


Boxed Water

Water in a box….is it an evolutionary change?

Boxed Water is in the portfolio of companies owned by the Windquest Group which has an environmental mission segment of companies.

Whether the water is actually different is a key question….or is Boxed Water unique and different simply because it is in a box?