Poor Execution

Merchadising -Shelves

Merchandising: “the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.”

In any retail business….execution of merchandising is a vital performance criteria. It seems like execution is missing at least in recent visits to Target and Harris-Teeter. Target supposedly a better discount retailer and Harris – Teeter an above average grocer.

At Target….many of the displays were in disarray….often products were missing from their locations….store associates were few and certainly not maintaining the various departments. I would suspect, at least in this area….pay and suitable people may be the issue.

At Harris-Teeter, a promotion product was not on the shelf. The answer….the warehouse was out of stock. The real question: why run a promotion when stock is not available?

In both instances (Target & Harris-Teeter)….it is simply poor execution. Does leadership/management see the business from a customers perspective….or do they really care?  

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