Whoever tries the most  things wins – Tom Peters

Action 2

Tom Peters coined the phrase ‘A Bias for Action’….keep trying things in the business/organization realm….yet there also has to be a general sense of direction.

I would like to think that our business was continually trying things to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We certainly did some unique promotions….and of course some worked better than others.

While we intuitively developed strategies….tried different things….I would have expanded on a clear sense of purpose for the business and let that also guide us in decision-making.


Robert Mondavi

Mondavi Winery

“When Robert Mondavi first walked the ground where his winery now stands, in early 1966, he was struck by something profound, a sense that in retrospect sounds mystical.” – Steve Heimoff

There is always the dilemma between vision an execution/trying things. Vision and executing are not either/or. In the case of Robert Mondavi, he saw the possibilities and potential of making great wines (previously only from France) in the Napa area of Northern California.

There were of course older wineries in California, however their primary products were ordinary bulk wines. Robert Mondavi knew that finer varieties of grapes could be grown and subsequently extraordinary wine produced.

Of course being in California in 1966, Napa wines were not even on our radar screen. This was the only wine we drank in Rose Mateus1966….Rose’ Mateus.

In 50 years….Napa and California wines are a $B industry. Robert Mondavi had a clear vision for the future and made it happen.


Really Good Partsparts

“We make parts….really, really good parts.”

It’s parts that make up many products …. automobiles …. appliances…. computers….etc.

The better the parts….the better the finished product. Even better when a company makes really good parts and also makes the final product.

In most instances, a business that makes really good parts is a really good business.


January 1961


Our family business begins in 1961. Some significant facts:

  • Growing section of Whitehall Rd….might be a slight exaggeration
  • Remodeled possibly some repainting
  • Hours were 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Building – 3000 sq. ft.
  • Future expansion – 6000 sq. ft. to 24,000 sq. ft. (1973)
  • Probably accurate – “where town and country meet”

Most businesses start from a small beginning….Baker Furniture and Carpeting Company was certainly that and even more so….a humble beginning with modest interior and a “dirt” parking lot.

Great Leadership

Gehl Foods

Gehls Foods

From the jsonline:

Gehl Foods was a family held dairy processing business….sold in 2015 to Wind Point Partners. When sold, the 470 employees received more than $3M dollars for their contribution to the success of the company

“I simply cannot imagine notdoing it,” Katherine Gehl says with a shrug. “If this family does well, then it’s really important that all of the people who worked alongside my father (John) and me also benefit.

“That’s the biggest key to great leadership. Give it away. Pass it down the line. Grow those below you. Teach them to follow your lead. Make yourself expendable. And reap the harvest of a life of incalculable worthiness.”

Great companies reward their employees that made them great.


DC Automotive

DC automotive

Where can you find the largest collection of Porsche auto parts….in Rocky Mount, NC.

From WRAL:

From a modest beginning….any business can grow and be successful….if it finds its niche in the marketplace.

There are other specialized parts suppliers…..yet a combination of events (large economical storage for example) make DC Automotive a significant business in  eastern NC.



Dickies 874s


For some people….shopping is a chore….however Amazon easily eliminates that chore.

Dickies 874s are a basic work pant that last for years. It was time to replace the worn out Dickies. After searching a few local stores they were either not available or I was not willing to drive cross town.Of course, the Dickies were available on Amazon:

  • In numerous colors and sizes
  • With excellent price
  • Available almost immediately (two-day/free shipping)
  • A few clicks a purchase made – much easier than trekking to the brick and mortar store.

Amazon has changed a way to do business and more than likely will continue to do so.