News Roundup

May 2016

McCullough_OBIT --- WTMJ-TV Anchor, John McCullough retires. 1988 photo

+ Where are they now from May 2011:

  • Scandinavian Child has been assimulated into SCS Brand Direct:
  • Jiffy Mix continues to expand: Jiffy Mix maker plans $35 million expansion in Chelsea (12/2015)
  •  Pizza & Supermarkets: Food Lion continues to reinvent and establish its position in the market place
  • Leadership is always about relationships

+ Pigeon Hill Brewery:

+ Last place in customer satisfaction:

+ What’s most important for a brand is NOT a good story. What’s most important is a fabulous product/ service. – Tom Peters

+ Learning to ask good questions is a major acquirable skill. One of the many 99.9% of MBA programs “overlook.” – Tom Peters

+ Rise to the level of your brand – Ben Arment

+ Rigor requires us to never use an emergency as an excuse. It is a process for the long haul, the work of a professional. – Seth Godin

+ Bowling creativity: Brunswick and Angry Birds –


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