News Roundup

June 2016

old newsboy

+  Where are they now from June 2011:

  • Fuller Brush Man: An online business-
  • Great Lakes Die Cast  – website still not up to par: 
  • Change-transformation: Both Lowes and Home Depot doing better in customer interactions.

+ To be passionate about leadership in business is to be passionate about people. The rest is details. – Tom Peters

+Walmart mistake –

+ I believe in power of “bringin’ them back.” But odds of lifetime with a given brand approximately: ZERO.-Tom Peters

+ Three retailers who threaten Amazon:

+ I am 100% Warren Bennis: One doesn’t “want to be” leader per se. One “has to be” leader to get something done of utmost importance to me – Tom Peters

+ A significant milestone: The Muskegon-area unemployment rate was 4.6 percent in April 2016.

+ Internally, taking great care of people most “realistic” way to grow business profitably.- Tom Peters

+ A company that begins with its priorities straight–about how it will keep promises, treat its workers, support causes it believes in–will rarely have trouble becoming the kind of company that does this at scale. – Seth Godin

+ Business Strategy? : Spirit Airlines promises to be less awful next year –


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