News Roundup

September 2016

Short Wave Radio

+ Where are they now from Sept 2011 – 

+ Vertical farms:

+ Leadership strategy – The former CEO of Campbell Soup sent 30,000 handwritten thank-you notes to employees.

+ Commodities are in the eye of the producer. If you don’t want to sell something that’s judged merely on price, then don’t. – Seth Godin

+ Great products work far better than great ads do. – Seth Godin

+ Lack of ethics: Wells Fargo fined $185M for dubious account openings

+ 7 Sam Walton quotes:

+ Lessons from Peter Drucker:

+ Sears/Kmart closing?: Kmart sales dropped from $37B in 2000 to $10B in 2015 and more store closings in 2016.

+ Speed is not everything. Big decisions take time. Great design takes time. All relationships take time. – Tom Peters

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