Panera Bread


We recently visited our local Panera Bread cafe. Something was off and we decided to write to customer care regarding an item on the menu. Also to see how Panera would respond. 

Unfortunately,  when a customer takes the time to write and comment on a particular issue….Panera responds with this automated response.

“We’re sorry for the bad experience you recently had at our cafe. We’d be frustrated, too. We’re sharing your comments with the team at the bakery-cafe. We all want to make sure you come back soon.

Our goal is for every visit with us to be warm and relaxing, with clean food you can feel great about. We’re never happy to miss that mark, but we’re glad you let us know so we can make sure we get it right next time.

Thanks for your helpful feedback”.

There are two ways to comment:

  1. A link on the Panera website
  2. A reply to their survey after a visit.

The problem is that the automated response received was both from 1 and 2. So it’s very likely there is not a “real” person that responds to any comments made.

Secondly, “there is no incentive to return to Panera Bread other than “we want to make sure you come back soon”.

Panera Bread misses the mark on customer feedback.


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