The End

Plumb’s Super Markets


From MLive:

Everyone has their first “real” job….mine was at  the Plumb’s on Sherman Blvd. (1956-1958). All new employees started bagging groceries at $.75 per hour. Sometimes if things worked out….a bagger worked the produce section or even better….stocked shelves.

Bagging groceries was an art….can goods on the bottom….box goods in the middle….produce and bread on the top. A perfect squared bag.  The bags were than placed on a two-wheeled cart and taken to the customers car and placed in the car….full service.

The end of an era….Plumb’s on Sherman is closing…..more than likely from the competition of Meijer’s and Wal-Mart. 

The lesson never forgotten….do good work….be courteous and polite and the end result….often a quarter tip.


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