Rolling On



Some brands reach their life cycle end….others keep rolling on. The Volvo almost reached its end….however its continued relevance gave it new life.

From Automobile magazine:

“Ford Motor Co. incinerated many billions on behalf of Volvo between 1999 and 2010.”

“These relatively benevolent stewards remind us that the greatest gifts an automotive capitalist might hope to leave behind for the world is the one that occurs when they rescue a brand of enduring quality and authenticity from being extinguished. A brand is a terrible thing to waste and an expensive one, especially in the automotive realm, where an ardent and dedicated following takes a lifetime and costs billions of dollars.”

“All it was going to take for Volvo to stand on its own was good management and several billion dollars more.”

The key point for Volvo or any successful company….protect the brand. In business, name and brand stand for everything. 

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