Waterman Pen – Paris


My new Waterman (Paris) fountain pen is a quality product….at least from my perspective. From the presentation box to the label….it projects quality.

There are more expensive fountain pens….yet the Waterman pen meets my expectations. It writes nicely (old school of course)….is well made…..looks good….and is reasonably priced What more can one ask from a product?

Business Model



The Internet has created entirely different business models. One in particular….providing funding for people that sail around the world. 

This model is one that sailing cruisers create videos of their travels….post them on YouTube….than ask subscribers/followers to contribute to their endeavors….so they can make more videos….thus funding their travels.

There are some people who are very successful at monetizing their journeys. Like anything else…..the end result has to be a quality product. The YouTube video has to be creative….entertaining….imaginative. 

The bottom line for this type of business model…..like all others is a well executed video (product)….consistency and knowing the customers (subscribers).