I recall seeing the Carrom board game years ago. Like other games it was one of many. Created over a century ago they still are manufactured in Ludington, MI.

Businesses/organizations endure when they make a quality product and provide good service. Even better in today’s world of video games….”You can open the box, you don’t need a PhD to read directions, and the game begins.”

“Old school” can be better!


Be Prepared


During this first month of the year….changes are taking place in the business and political environment. For some it’s easy to lose focus.

In our business….especially in mid-winter….customer traffic and sales could easily fall off. We could not lose focus….during those periods….we reset the floor….reorganized the warehouse….revised the advertising to be ready when the weather changed.

In other words….we kept our focus on things that mattered.

Roof Tile

Ludowici Roof Tile


Ludowici Roof Tile was established in Chicago in 1893. Roof tiles are a high-end product that will last decades. Ludowici is located in New Lexington, Ohio close to clay supplies in the surrounding area.

When a business offers high-quality distinctive products (“the world’s best clay tiles”) and strong leadership/management….it will be successful.

124 years is proof of that.

Leadership & Management



The lessons I learned in leadership and organization effectiveness were the cornerstones of ALL my life’s work! – Tom Peters

Leaders have to be good managers and managers have to be good leaders….though that is not always the case.

The best organizations are those that understand leadership and its impact on the entire organization. Early on at Ballistic Systems Division in the 60’s….I experienced both excellent leadership and poor leadership/management. Most organizations are not 100% perfect. In the case of our ineffective Lt. Col….it was just a matter of working around the situation. While frustrating to my cubbie mate….it was a good lesson learned.

Toppers Club

Early Beginning


I would suspect that the early beginning of selling and the foundation of our business began with this award.

Twenty years later in 1961, our family business opened its doors.

I’m not sure of the scale of the General Electric Toppers Club Award….considering it was 1942 and the momentum of WW ll was just beginning. Yet it was important that effective selling skills were as meaningful then as they were in 1961 and in 2017.

The Sale

Selling is Art


Our economy is based on goods and services. For the most part these products have to be sold.

“Like all other talents and skills honed over time, selling something is truly an art form that takes practice to improve upon (and ultimately master).”

Home Furnishings very much required the art of selling…..home furnishings were generally not a necessity. A marketing strategy and effective advertising brought our customers into the business. Once there….the art of selling was the key component of the business….listen to the customer….guide the decision process….ask for the sale.

The art of selling….is an exceptional skill.

The Works

50 Years


From Tom Peters:

“What have I been up to for the last 50 yrs? Just posted THE WORKS at & . 14-chapter PP book.”

The three most influential management experts that I have relied upon have been Tom Peters, Jim Collins and Oren Harari. Tom Peters has always been forthcoming about the material he uses in his presentations.

“The Works” is a vast summary of his thinking and what he considers important in managing excellent businesses and organizations. It should be on everyone’s required reading list (MBAs in particular).