One thing that always puzzled me was the lack of options from the business school to keep one updated in the business world. Of course, there are executive residence programs that are very good (and expensive).

Seth Godin has an alternative….altMBA. The “altMBA is an intensive, 4-week online workshop that delivers a condensed learning experience through teamwork, personalized feedback, coaching, curated readings and shipping thirteen projects in four weeks.” (Cost – $3,000). Seth Godin does excellent work and it seems like the altMBA is worth the time and effort. The key from my perspective is the tangible outcome….”shipping 13 projects”.

Another on-line choice is: “Udemy-An entire MBA in 1 course….Everything you need to know about business from Startup to IPO. This course has some good sessions on Presentations….Financial Analysis….Managing Cash Flow. (Cost-$15 normally $200). If anything, this is a good refresher for current business ideas.

While in no way do these online programs give one a true MBA….they certainly are options for keeping up to date.


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