News Roundup

March 2017


+ Where are they now from March 2012 –

  • Big Birdie Golf – Inactive, Negative BBB rating
  • Art Van – $700+M, recently acquired by a private equity firm
  • Apple Store – Sales over $4,800 per sq. ft. (2015)

+ 15 Best Company Cultures:

+ A future of robots?:

+ Ten reminders from Tom Peters in Auckland, NZ:

+ Leadership style at Popeye’s:

+ Love companies that re-invent “dull” categories and infuse with WOW! NZ’s Peter Cullinane re-invented chocolate milk at Lewis Road Creamery! – Tom Peters

+ Hamburger robot – Flippy:

+ If you are building a personal brand, put down the devices, put nose to grindstone, do great work! – Tom Peters

+ Organizations that add just a little bit every day always defeat those that are in the subtraction business. – Seth Godin

+ Number 1 “soft skill”- Effective communicator:


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