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Analysts believe that the gap between Domino’s and rivals has got bigger in the first quarter of this year.

They expect Domino’s to become even more of a Pizza King. Why? Because it realized very early that humans would become obsessed with their phones.

Domino’s invested heavily in mobile. Why, you can even order via Twitter.

Pizza Hut didn’t see the digital nightmare — some refer to it as a revolution — coming.

As Greg Creed, CEO of its holding company Yum Brands, admitted to the Associated Press: “Easy beats better.”

Unlike Domino’s and, indeed, Papa John’s, people still think of Pizza Hut as a bricks and mortar brand, rather than one that represents speedy delivery. Or, really, any delivery.

Creed himself confessed: “We still have to turn Pizza Hut into a delivery brand.”

The $64 question: Why didn’t Pizza Hut see this sooner?



Automobiles Manufacturers

There is no better example of company and product differentiation than automobile manufacturers.

Consumer Reports in its 2016 Annual Auto issue presented an overview on 36 brands. Here’s are some examples:

  • Acura – Honda’s premium brand positions above the mainstream but below Lexus and European luxury competitors.
  • Lincoln is Fords luxury brand that offers models that are plusher and better equipped than its competitors.
  • Toyota builds solid, efficient, and reliable vehicles that do everything well.
  • Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer a plush ride, quietness, an impeccable interior, advanced safety systems and crisp handling.

With 36 brands and numerous models within each brand there are multiple ways for each manufacturer to differentiate itself in the market.  Of course the real test is to execute product design and engineering and to analyze the auto buying market.

Muskegon Piston Ring

Another Era

There were two prominent piston ring manufactures in Muskegon during its peak industrial era….Sealed Power and Muskegon Piston Rings (MPR)….both major suppliers to the auto industry.

MPR was the smaller of the two…..though the plants were with a few blocks of each other.

While no longer in Muskegon….Sealed Power rebranded as SPX Corp. and moved to Charlotte, NC and MPR ceased operations years later. The Sealed Power plant was demolished….the MPR plant was repurposed.

Some businesses evolve….some no longer exist….business longevity is not an easy task. 

News Roundup

March 2017


+ Where are they now from March 2012 –

  • Big Birdie Golf – Inactive, Negative BBB rating
  • Art Van – $700+M, recently acquired by a private equity firm
  • Apple Store – Sales over $4,800 per sq. ft. (2015)

+ 15 Best Company Cultures:

+ A future of robots?:

+ Ten reminders from Tom Peters in Auckland, NZ:

+ Leadership style at Popeye’s:

+ Love companies that re-invent “dull” categories and infuse with WOW! NZ’s Peter Cullinane re-invented chocolate milk at Lewis Road Creamery! – Tom Peters

+ Hamburger robot – Flippy:

+ If you are building a personal brand, put down the devices, put nose to grindstone, do great work! – Tom Peters

+ Organizations that add just a little bit every day always defeat those that are in the subtraction business. – Seth Godin

+ Number 1 “soft skill”- Effective communicator: