News Roundup

April 2017

+ Where are they now from April 2012:

  • Best Buy – Reinvigorated
  • Fresh Market – At times seems to have lost it’s way
  • Cochrane Furniture – Closed in 2013

+ Former Steelcase/Grand Rapids,MI building: 

Switch on at Kent County pyramid

+ The Chicago Cubs – a business case study:

+ Good leaders are good managers. Good managers are good leaders. – Tom Peters

+ Changing the Pizza model:

+ If you want to explain the demise of Macy’s/Kmart /Sears/JCPenney, go to Bentonville, not Silicon Valley. – Tom Peters. Walmart revenue 2016 – $486B.

+ Disney customer experience:

+ Low price is the last refuge of the marketer who doesn’t care enough to build something worth paying for. – Seth Godin

+ What you can learn about business from a mango vendor:

+ If you have a great culture and a strong execution bias, you don’t have to waste your time on “strategy” or “vision” – Tom Peters