Bed in a Box

From jsonline:—box-trend/101343412/

“Across the United States, a few internet-based startups and their scores of imitators have shaken up the bedding world.”

“Aided by machines – some of them made in Wisconsin – that can squish a king-sized mattress pancake-flat and roll it up like a sleeping bag, the bed-in-a-box business has emerged as yet another challenger to traditional retail.”

Competition will always exist in one form or another. In our  business it would have been another local business. The internet has changed all of that.

We were very good at selling bedding and had good suppliers so we were confident in the product. Selling online is somewhat different as the customer can’t touch the product….yet a market segment is comfortable with buying unseen on the internet.

While it may be  a challenge to compete in a changing market….innovation may be expanding the entire market….the key strategy is how to take advantage of that larger market.

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