Muskegon Investmemt

$1 Billion

From mlive:

The photo above depicts the center of the Muskegon downtown reinvention. While progress has been made over the years….it will take many more years to complete the process (as seen from the empty lots and the undeveloped high-rise in the background).

The Muskegon Chronicle has always been overly optimistic. The $1 Billion number being so….while the Bayer Crop Science and GE Aviation expansions are accurate….the BC Cobb power plant and Sappi Paper Mill redevelopment are not quite in the immediate future. And a new Wal-Mart is not exactly a bonus.

Sometimes these articles get a little ahead of reality….however in the case of Muskegon every new project is a big plus and perhaps in 10-15 years….Muskegon will regain parts of its past as looks to its future.


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