Assembly Line


1948 ad for Norge refrigerators.

Summer job 1961….working at Norge on the refrigerator assembly line.

Getting a job during the summer was always a challenge in Muskegon. Unfortunately, the Norge plant was closing….yet production was booming as the company was moving south to Arkansas and was building up inventory.

My job on the assembly line was putting 4 small bolts in the back of the refrigerator to hold the compressor unit in place. The line moved fast….I sat on a small stool with the bolts in a container on the side, with an air gun to drive the bolts home. Once or twice….I could only get 3 out of 4 bolts in place. No problem said the full-time guy….QC will catch it further down the line…I wonder if they did!

After several, weeks, on the assembly line….I was reassigned to the warehouse….packaging Norge refrigerators for export. While not wanting a career on an assembly line….it never-the-less was an entry to the classic manufacturing experience.


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