Lesson Learned

Do it right

The author of the following wrote this about a surprising experience with Amazon – https://www.inc.com/vanessa-merit-nornberg/how-amazon-messed-up.html

“Study what makes you great in the eyes of your customers. Scrutinize it, specialize in it, safeguard it. Protect it like it is the most important asset your business has. Understand that without that magic potion, your company becomes one among many, instead of the only possible choice. And even when you think you have a way to make it better, don’t do a thing to alter it, unless you are absolutely sure your customers agree.”

The lesson learned for any organization/business….look at the business from the outside in….how do your customers perceive the business. Most businesses get only one chance to create a positive customer experience. The best businesses are those that develop repeat customers…. after all they are the best customers.

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