March 31, 1975

It was impossible to save everything from our business….however one financial report has survived from 42 years ago.

Interesting is the inflationary adjustments from 1975 >2017:

  • Sales –  $327,554 > $1,488,751
  • Advertising –  $34, 298 > $155,886
  • Salaries/Wages –  $42,213 > $194,132
  • Net Income –  $5,926 > $26, 934

We didn’t meet goals in 1975 of Sales of $360,000 and net income of 10% or $36,000. The most significant expense other than salaries/wages was advertising. In 1975, it was 80% newspaper and 20% radio/tv. What would be the mix in 2017?

A $1.5M business is indeed a small business….yet in 42 years there would also need to have been a growth component. Could the business have grown at 10% a year? It’s something to ponder.

Our building was valued at $200,000 in 1978….with inflation the 2017 value, $750,000. With the improvements made by the owners today….it surly must be valued at several million dollars.


Fisher Barton

Specialty Manufacturer

Sometimes unnoticed are specialty manufactures that supply components to original equipment companies. These specialty businesses are the backbone of manufacturing.

The Fisher Barton Group is one of these suppliers located in Watertown, WI.

“As the group parent of ten independent global subsidiaries based in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Vietnam and Ireland, we are an active Midwest-based, privately-owned holding company.”

There are many such firms such as Fisher Barton….they all have unique specialties that contribute to a larger manufacturing process.