News Roundup

August 2017

+ Where are they now from August 2012:

+ Management?: While the food was highly praised, the service was at times criticized on the restaurant’s Facebook page for being slow and unprofessional.

+ Another Wells-Fargo issue:[idio]=5854893&ito=792&itq=d53f2173-2f2a-4c25-b447-0254f1bfc82c

+ The manager’s only reason for being is to develop others. – Tom Peters

+ Stanford MBA & the Midwest:

+ Civility, thoughtfulness, and kindness are superb customer loyalty and employee productivity “tools.” – Tom Peters

+ Fixing Wells-Fargo:

+ Business Lessons Learned from Sears mistakes:

+ Great social media effort circa 2017/great ad campaign circa 1955 don’t add up anything unless you start with Great Product!!! – Tom Peters

+ Experience isn’t free, but it’s valuable. – Seth Godin


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