Healthy Competition

Rising Tide

Seth Godin – 9.22.17:

“The busiest Indian restaurants in New York City are all within a block or two of each other.

Books sell best in bookstores, surrounded by other books, their ostensible competitors.

Competition is a signal. It means that you’re offering something that’s not crazy. Competition gives people reassurance. Competition makes it easier to get your point across. Competition helps us understand that people like us do things like this.

If you have no competition, time to find some.”

In our business, there was considerable competition in Muskegon….three larger businesses….one higher end….several low end….five or six in our middle category.

While highly competitive….the frequent advertising and marketing created a continuing awareness of home furnishings and thus interest by customers. 

More competition results in “a rising tide that lifts all the boats.” in other words as Seth comments….healthy competition makes (or should make) a better business.


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