Widely Variable

Restaurant Review

Restaurants play a major role in the business community. Like any other business….there are products….service….pricing…. management….etc. that are necessary for a successful restaurant.

The N&O has a food section that reviews new restaurants (and some more established). This weeks review was of a Raleigh restaurant that has reinvented itself. The restaurant earned three stars….which is above average.

However, the review also indicated the noise level was moderate to high and service widely variable. The answer to  widely variable service has been – that service (wait) persons are hard to find and wait staff is not full-time.

I’ve written before about this subject. It just makes good business sense that if businesses invest in a restaurant….which in many cases is sizable, why not invest in training and managing the service staff….after all isn’t “excellent” (four stars) the objective for this restaurant. If not it should be.

Further if this business expects to be a success….at least reduce the noise level to moderate.

The life span of many restaurants is quite short….don’t do things to hasten their demise.


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