Meaningful Vision



There is the ongoing discussion regarding organizational vision vs. doing. 

The issue isn’t so much of no vision….rather it is the misunderstanding of what vision means. Most vision statements are ambiguous and thus meaningless. 

Vision (reaching a final destination) and doing are similar to flying. As a pilot there are two aspects to flying….IFR Instrument Flight Rules and VFR Visual Flight Rules.

IFR requires a destination and waypoints along the way…..VFR means that one can takeoff and fly wherever one wants to….no specific destination required.

The same for businesses/organizations…..there is is a desired destination and waypoints (or milestones along the way)….in-other-words there is a vision – someplace where we want the business the be in the future. There is also in the organizational process where we have to fly VFR….just take off and try something. (which either works or doesn’t work).

In the debate over vision or doing….it’s not either/or….it’s both. There has to be some sense of direction and destination and there also has to be the willingness to just do it. 

Vision is only effective when it is meaningful.


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