News Roundup

December 2017

+ Where are they now from December 2012 –

  • Tree Stand: Possibly no more tree stands
  • Graphics House:
  • In Search of Excellence: The standard for business/management

+ I have sat before my keyboard for an eternity pondering. I cannot image a single benefit to consumers from the CVS-Aetna linkup. – Tom Peters

+ WE HAVE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: We care more. – Seth Godin

+ Care for your customers. Care for your people. Care for your product. Care for your community. The ball is in your court. This is what is actually yours. – Jeph Maystruck

+ Any discussion of management that does not put the development of our people* first is a waste of paper or bits & bytes or keystrokes. (*”Development of our people” explicitly includes helping them better prepare for an uncertain tomorrow.) – Tom Peters

+ “CIVIL. CIVIL. ONLY CIVIL. And throw in some KINDNESS. Civility + Kindness = Lasting client relationships = Profit.” -Tom Peters

+ How Amazon makes money:

+ The thing that keeps a business ahead of the competition is excellence in execution – Tom Peters

+ When in doubt-make better tacos – Seth Godin

+ First class is not just a seat on an airplane – Jeffrey Gitomer


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