Soft – Hard

Business Sustainability

I am flattered beyond measure by the words used to describe my work. I want to add/remind you of one thing. These “soft” ideas–people [really] first, fierce listening, obsessive MBWA–are capitalist words; that is the true basis for long-term sustainable growth & profitability. _ Tom Peters

My life in 6 words: Hard is soft. (Numbers are mushy, plans are fantasies, org charts are a joke.) Soft is hard. (So-called “soft stuff” such as relationships are in fact bedrock.) Rich Karlgaard makes this point better than I–and does it from Silicon Valley perspective to boot.- Tom Peters

Win: Act now. Aim low. Think small. Never go negative. Thank you. I’m sorry. What do you think? MBWA Cognitive bias is omnipresent. Hard is soft/Soft is hard. Relationships take time. Excellence is the only standard. Excellence is the next email. Excellence is the next 5 minutes. – Tom Peters

Tom Peters has been a proponent of the Soft vs Hard concept for decades….and has written numerous books incorporating these ideas. If a business seeks long-term results than it needs also to inculcate soft vs hard into its culture.

These concepts weren’t taught at the Michigan Business School because much of business teaching at that time was primarily analytical. Perhaps it is different in 2018. 

In our business, we indirectly understood this….though soft vs hard emerged much later after we left the business.


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