Empty Wagon


A fundamental principle of retail….a business can’t sell from an empty wagon…shelf displays must be stocked when the doors are open.  “But this is more than just an old adage; it is a proven business principle that a strong inventory stimulates the buyer experience and is necessary in order to make a sale”.

Entering a remodeled Harris-Teeter store ( H-T being on the higher end of the local grocery stores) one Saturday (a major shopping day)….there were major gaps in the product offerings. In the past, the displays would have been stocked and ready for business.

Empty shelves result in lost sales….this is fundamental business management. Surprising that H-T missed this lesson….at least that Saturday morning.

Business Name


Selecting a business name is critical….the name is the brand….how it is identified in the marketplace.

A newer home furnishings store in Muskegon opened with this name: Blended Furniture Market. Perhaps the reason for the rather innocuous “blended” is “The new mix of fun” posted on the web site. 

Our name (Baker’s) identified us….it told a potential customer who we were and to some extent where we were located. In a very 1960’s/1970’s competitive market….the names were: Bell’s, Peterson’s, Irwin’s, Bishop’s, Pine Street, Perri, Maurice-Pierson, Cohn’s, Kellogg’s, Vandervelde’s, Matthews, Zagaroli’s. All good brand names and worthy competitors.

I don’t believe any business advisor would recommend blended.