izzy+ / JSJ Corp


Sometimes a business does not fit the businesses long-term strategy….as was the case with izzy+ a subsidiary of JSJ Corporation.

“While izzy+ is an important part of JSJ’s history, unfortunately, it no longer fits within our strategic plan and goals for the future,” said Tom Rizzi, JSJ’s COO, in a statement. “It’s a consumer-facing furniture company, whereas our focus is investing in portfolio companies that provide highly engineered solutions and value-added services within highly complex, business-to-business environments.”

Perhaps the izzy+ subsidiary could have been sold….or that market may have stronger competitors. However, successful businesses adapt or change….and that is the future direction of JSJ Corporation.


Vital Business

Tom Peters has always been forthright in sharing his material. From his latest work “The Excellence Dividend”….a slide on business relationships.

The key….is not just cultivate relationships because it is good for business….rather cultivate a relationship that is real and genuine.

We always wanted people to give us a chance to sell them our products….but more importantly….they got to know who we were. Perhaps they were not ready to buy or we didn’t have what they wanted….but at least they got to know us….and we could begin to develop a future relationship.