Last week Kroger announced that it was leaving the Triangle  and closing 14 locations.

Eight the stores are being sold to Harris Teeter….which is owned by Kroger though operated as a separate business entity. The primary reason given for exiting the market was that the Kroger stores were no longer competitive and profitable. “we have not been able to grow our business the way we would like in this market.”

The Apex Kroger (photo) has been an adequate store….with a drive-thru pharmacy and a gas station. However, over the years it has worn out. And that is the real reason….Kroger is leaving the Triangle….it has been unwilling to make the investment in its business. While other grocers….Harris-Teeter….Publix expanded in the market as the region grew….Kroger maintained the status quo.

Kroger depended more on name recognition….rather than the product it presented to its customers. While the stores will be missed by loyal customers….if a business is not willing to invest in its future….than better competitors will take its place.

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