The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market recently announced 15 store closures:

There are several reasons for these closures as stated in the article.

A recent Saturday visit to the Cary Fresh Market perhaps indicated reasons for a further decline:

  • out of stock on many items
  • poor product merchandising
  • general atmosphere of not ready for business 

The primary reasons appear to be overexpansion to other parts of the US rather than staying with its Southeast market and efficient distribution. 

Another issue would seem to be ineffective management (and limited working capital). The Fresh Market positions as a high-end retailer….though reviews are average at best. If a busisess is high end…..service and quality also must be high-end.

If Wegmans finally enters the RDU market….that may foretell the future of the local Fresh Markets*.

*Companies must be distinct….otherwise they become extinct.


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