Positive /Negative

In today’s connected world….reviews are a fact of life. Reviews for businesses are fairly subjective….and many businesses would like a 5 star evaluation. Though that’s not going to happen. For some businesses….their goal isn’t to get a 5 Star rating (they just aim for average).

The restaurant review in the recent News and Observer is a good example. The reviewer gave a restaurant 3.5 stars….above average. However, the online reviews were not as promising….some being far less than average. 

Examining another business that I am familiar with….I found this review – “nice selection….overpriced”. Of course overpriced is a subjective term. Price is generally related to value….and knowing this business….it is not overpriced compared to the products and services offered.

Reviews need to be used in caution….though if many are less than positive….one might want to look somewhere else to do business. 

News Roundup

June 2018

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+ In the big business world, a substantial share of the blame lies on the [weak] shoulders of business schools. The “people stuff” [and leadership, too] is treated as the “soft stuff,” no match for financial wizzardry or marketing gymnastics. – Tom Peters

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