One of the last baseball glove factories in the US:

Nokoma is a family business that has been making baseball gloves for the last 85 years.

The key point:  “Nokona is the only maker he knows of that will refurbish its old, tattered gloves.” That is what a lifetime customer wants from a product.

Maple Syrup

Game Changer?

Maple syrup innovation –

Is there a better way to use maple syrup?

 “As it turns out, there is: an ingenious invention called the Maple Stream has disrupted the syrup game by augmenting the traditional syrup distribution method from spill to spray.”

The spray has some decided advantages:

  • controllable application
  • reduced cap stickiness
  • shelf stable

Will it sell is the big question….and at what price point? While different and perhaps more convenient….a game changer is still questionable.

Shipping Pallet

Lightning Technologies

Shipping pallets are relatively simple products….basically some wood pieces nailed together….and discarded (or recycled) after use.

A company in Oxford, MI has decided to change the pallet business by changing the product and also how it is used.

An ambitious strategy certainly….yet using technology to make a commonplace product better.

Customer Service

The Right Thing

A recent article stated that some companies intentionally have poor customer service so that it creates higher profits. These companies make it difficult to get to another level of decision-makeing (a first call not willing to solve a problem)….that customers gave up on trying to resolve an issue and thus the company did not have to take any further action.

For any business….not solving a problem quickly means lost business.

Customer service means doing the right thing….it’s the only way to do business.

Time for Change

Moving Forward

A successful organization will shortly have new leadership. For this organization it wasn’t necessary to change….as the leader had been an excellent leader and was well-liked.

In this situation….the individual felt it was the time for a change….both in his next endeavor and for the organization.

In anticipation of new leadership….the purpose….mission and values of the organization were revised and reemphasized. There is no need for change in that area. The values are just as clear now as they were eight years ago.

The organization will move forward just as it has….only with a new and capable leader.

Peanut Butter Pump


There is a different way to spread peanut butter….now.

Yes, spreading peanut butter might be a nuisance….so an inventor/entrepreneur from California invented the peanut butter pump….to make life easier.

Key points:

  • The sliding suction seal is the unique component…it allows the mechanism to scrape the sides of the jar as you use it to get the most peanut butter you can!
  • The funding is derived from the internet –
  • Current funding amount is $80,132 and an original goal of $20,000.

There are always better….different ways to accomplish a task….the peanut butter pump proves that. Reliable manufacturing and distribution are the next steps.

Culinary Robot


Innovating is what creates new business opportunities….Spyce is one of those innovations….using robotic technology in the restaurant/hospitality business.

Invented by four MIT students….the bowl cooking takes place in an induction cylinder in about 3 minutes.

The process is not completely robotic as there is the initial ingredient preparation and the final serving additions once the bowl is removed from the machine.

If the product is exceptional and priced right ($7.50)….Spyce looks like a viable business venture.