The Challenge

Seth Godin: “Trade show booths work when they’re in close proximity to the other options a buyer has. Building your trade show booth across town might insulate you from the other choices, but it does little to help establish where you belong and whether or not you’re a smart choice.”

Yes, our business was across town. We were located in North Muskegon, while the majority of the competition was located in Muskegon.

Although one of our branding tools was – “drive out a ways and see how it pays”….it was none the less a challenge to get the customer drive north to visit our business. We had to do even more (special events) to generate the traffic….of course doing this helped make our business better and different.

Industrial Assemblies

Family owned

Companies like Industrial Assemblies can be very successful. 

As a consultant….the primary question is what are the next steps.

Family owned business are challenging in the sense that they may be content yet doing quite well. On the other hand….what can be achieved by developing a growth strategy. In particular these decisions impact greatly on the company’s future.